Hey! You made it...

I'm a developer from Derby in the UK 🇬🇧 and I've been making websites and mobile apps for around 10 years now.

My main language is JavaScript, so I use whatever tends to be the latest tech stack surrounding that ecosystem at the time. Right now I'm focusing on React and React Native, but also use Swift/Objective-C, Java/Kotlin, TypeScript, Apollo GQL, Node, Express, and Gatsby.

Being in my industry you notice that it's constantly in flux, and this is the reason I enjoy it so much. There's always a new challenge to be solved, or another unique design to tackle with a different approach that keeps the projects fresh and interesting.

I've developed websites and apps in various industries and I enjoy finding the right solutions to enhance the user experience, as well as playing with different tools to achieve the goals along the way.

The cliché that comes with the territory is that I enjoy everything nerdy or geeky 🤓. I recently built a new gaming rig and I have always been an avid gamer. Stemming from my early days playing on the Sega Mega Drive, my uncle's SNES, or helping my dad get through impossible areas of the original Tomb Raider.

This was one of the original reasons I ended up in this industry as I wanted to become a games developer. I've since helped create some small games for education, and a scrollable game for the Apple watch to pass time in meetings. I recently started writing a new game but as of yet it is all notes and no code.

I watch a lot of tv and film as well as read quite a bit(Currently Dune), where the genres tend to be Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Superheroes.

Away from the keyboard I enjoy spending time with my wife, son and soon to be daughter. We're big foodies and enjoy hunting down the nearest treats in our area or visiting the street food stalls. Most weekends usually involve finding parks to help tire our son out but that never seems to work.

Most of my hobbies include exercise or sport to some degree which to be fair I need sitting at a desk most days. Currently I'm into bouldering and obstacle runs, so will be doing HIIT training and running to keep fit. I have always had history in sport where I used to play rugby but my biggest achievement (other than my wife and children obviously) is probably Judo for Team GB.